LittlEARS® Auditory Questionnaire

Second hearing screening in children at age 12 months using the LittlEARS® Auditory Questionnaire

Hearing screening in paediatric practices using the LittlEARS® Auditory Questionnaire


To investigate the feasibility of using the LittlEARS® Auditory Questionnaire (LEAQ®) as part of the infant hearing screening programme in Germany.


LEAQ®s were distributed to 47 paediatric practices and were completed by the parents/guardians of the infants (aged between 9-14 months) involved in the study (= LEAQ® screening). The infants who failed the LEAQ® screening were invited to a LEAQ rescreening. Infants who failed the LEAQ® rescreening were sent to a paediatric ENT specialist. After 3 years, a follow-up was performed on two groups: the first group comprised infants who failed the LEAQ screening; the second group (control group) comprised 200 infants who passed the LEAQ screening.

Study Sample

5316 questionnaires were returned. Results: Six infants with permanent hearing loss were identified using the LEAQ® as a screening tool.


An infant hearing screening using the LEAQ® is easily implementable in paediatric practices and may be a good alternative in countries where no objective screening instruments are available. The LEAQ® was suitable for monitoring hearing development in infants in general and could help to identify a late-onset or progressive hearing loss in infants.


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